YoY Project
YoY Project
  • Contact : altervision.booking[at]hadra.net
YoY-Project is the psychedelic music project of Yoan Richard, French producer from Grenoble.
Originally guitarist in an instrumental group, he quickly developed a love for composition and arrangement, a love that will only grow following his discovery of computer music production in 2014.
After studying fundamental physics for 5 years, he decided to launch himself entirely into the world of music in order to live from his passion.
Versatile composer, he composes on a wide range of styles, from ambient to progressive rock through to metal, as well as film music.
Co-Founder of Aora Paradox in 2018, the duo quickly joined Hadra Altervision Records the same year.
Combining organic instrument and psychedelic sound design, his music is inner, emotional and poetic.