The DJing (also known as audio mix) consists in selecting music tracks and linking them like a DJ (on CDs, Vinyls or numeric format).

Goal : initiating or perfecting the trainees' scratch or mix technic : tracks selection and synchronization.


History of electronic music and styles / Discovering and functions of the equipment (record deck, mixing table, CD and Vinyls) / Mix and scratch demos, discovering technics / Learning how to link tracks properly (fading or cut) / Playlist and set creation from the participants' tracks / Recording or creating a show.

Advanced Training

Summing up the participants' technics, studing the technical installations / Sets building using different technics (equalization, killer, cue point) / Hip Hop technics (phasing, cross pass) / Introduction to recording softwares (effects, compression, mix...) / Samples insertion or remixes with acapellas / Tracks selection, playlist and set editing / Recording a demo (volume management, settings...)