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The project SolEye is about feeling one with nature.
These selections are mixed with love and softness to relax ans to drive you in the deeper layers of yourself .

Alexandre is known to fill with smiling faces the festivals's Chillfloor like Ozora , Freedom , Psy-fi, Hadra, Harmonic, South Nature, Udumbara, Karma Kusala, Stone Moon etc...
His connection with the public is hypnotic, intense and favorising interconnections . Deeply inspired by nature, love, sharing and well-being, he evolves inside rythms and atmospheres of Chill-Out and Downtempo culture.

He is performing under several pseudonyms :
Kalifer (Chillgressive)
SolEye (Ambient/Chill)
Deepnoz (World/Ethnic/House)

Multidimensional Alex mix some warm and transporting selections putting a lot of care to transition in between tracks.
SolEye will help you to relax and to connect to the deeper layers of yourself.
Kalifer invite you to transcend yourself by dancing on downtempo , Midtempo , Chillgressive and Psytechno Rythms.
The DeepNoz's set are a fine selection of Downtempo World House with folkloric and Organic elements, this project will transport you on a flying carpet around our beautiful planet.
Also , Stage manager for Hadra Trance Festival since his integration 4 years ago into Hadra Altervision Records and involve into the programation for this international festival. 2018 is marked by the release of his first compilation "Deep Resonance" release by Hadra Altervision Records.
..:: 2018
( 3 nuits)
HADRA TRANCE FESTIVAL 2018   Vieure (03) Flyer
( 3 nuits)
FESTIVAL HARMONIC 2018   Trigance (83) Flyer