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Psychedelic Traveler
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Le Guide du Routard
The Man in the Seat 61
  13-07-2006 (6 nuits) Open air
Corumb? de Goias (go)
Alok&Bhaskar (Vagalume rec)BR
David Amo (Fresco rec)ES
Tati (Tropical Beats)BR
Gui (Nexus - Media/Hadra Rec) BR
Christof (Absolum/Sinergy/3Dvision)FR
Julio Navas (Fresco rec)ES
Ekanta (Vagalume)BR
LEL`F (Turbo Trance rec)FR
Mack (Spun rec)BR
Matera (Tropical Beats)BR
Shove (Alchemy rec)MX
Guga (Psyde /Kaballah)BR
Sam Miura (Kaballah)BR
Luke Dzierzek (Futurism)UK
Pedr?o (Vagalume rec) BR
Kore (Plastic Park)MX
Ali3nato (Skydelic)BR
Feio (Chemichal Crew) BR
Akasha (Alchemy rec)BR
JP (TIP World)BR
Kazey Taylor (Vapour/VapourRise)AUS
Du Serena (Tribe /HOMmega)BR
Rodrigo Cpu (Quantika rec)BR
Samy (CPU/Sinergy/3Dvision)SWU
Gui Mais (Psyzone)BR
Dahan (Tribe/Carambola)BR
Caramaschi (Jeroky)BR
Victor (Pax Force) BR
Jon Gurd (Futurism)UK
Mauro (Off Beat Records) BR
Livia (Tribe/Carambola) BR
Pena (Flow rec)PT
Tobias Lutzerkirchen (Great Stuff rec)DE
Krumelur (Zenon rec)SWE
Iguana (Naked Tourist/Parvati rec)DE
Anneli (Parvati rec)SWE
Pateta (Muziverso)BR
Shamamix (Wild Artists)BR
Flow&Zeo (Tropical Beats)BR
Robin Filter (Fitalic/Vapour)NL
Adan X Adras (Pa Ra Ha Lu /Parvati rec)HU
Cassiano Cruz (Mood)BR
Joti Sidhu (Neurobiotic rec)UK
Golan X Ohad (Sub 6/HOMmega)IL
Eran (Point/Phantasm rec)IL
Eli Biton (Pixel/HOMmega)IL

Opening of camping in day 13/07 the 12:00 hrs
Opening of chill out in day 13/07 the 14:00 hrs
Dance Floor day 13/07 the 18:00 hrs
Day 17/07 the 22:00 hrs closing of Dance Floor Chill out closing day 18/07 the 08:00 hrs
Day 18/07 the 12:00 hrs closing of camping

The anticipated ingressions are limited Na would carry will be subject to availability.
25/04 will be placed for sale the first lot value will be of R$180,00 until day 30/05 or if depleting.
31/05 will be placed for sale as lot O value will be of R$220,00 until day 30/06 or if depleting.
01/07 will be placed for sale the third lot. The value will be of R$260,00 until day 13/07 or if depleting. The value will be of R$ 300,00 in the ticket office of the event will have availability. ALL the INFOS THAT LACK and WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE In OUR SITE www.tranceformation.com.br
Organisation : TRANCEFORMATION No Flyer
Infoline : /
Website : www.tranceformation.com.br/
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Modifié le : 06-07-2006
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