General Terms and Conditions of Sale :

Definitions of the parties

Association Hadra : transparent agent or distributor in the sale of tickets and related services, on behalf of event organizers. Association loi 1091 - 71, rue Nicolas Chorier - 38000 Grenoble - FRANCE - SIRET 443 602 933 00063 - VAT FR45 443 602 933.

SeeTickets / Paylogic : ticketing editor, service provider of the Hadra association. SARL SeeTickets B.V. - 9712 PM Groningen - Nieuwe Boteringestraat, 28-30 - NETHERLANDS.

Buyer : natural or legal person subscribing to ticket(s) and/or related service(s) on the dedicated website via the SeeTickets platform. The buyer is the person whose identity is stated during the registration process when purchasing the ticket.

Organizer : the company that sells tickets or related services by commissioning the Hadra Association to sell electronic tickets via the SeeTickets provider. It is expressly stated that the Organizer is legally responsible for the sale and redemption of the e-tickets or related services, and for the conduct and security of the event with respect to the buyer.


The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to the purchase of electronic tickets and related services, distributed by the Hadra association via the SeeTickets platform and in the name and on behalf of the event organizer.

It is reminded that the event organizer is legally responsible for the sale of the electronic tickets or services.
Hadra Association is a transparent agent acting in the name and on behalf of the organizer and acts as an intermediary between the ticket or service buyer and the organizer.

Within the framework of the transparent mandate, the Hadra association is committed to fulfill the following missions for the organizer
  • Sale of the tickets and services of the organizer through SeeTickets;
  • Communication to the attention of the buyer of the tickets or services (dates of the event, sales prices, additional fees if any, collected fees, information about the organizer) on its dedicated website (;
  • Collection of funds from these sales and return to the organizer;
  • Facilitation of the customer relationship with the buyers;
The purchaser expressly acknowledges having taken cognizance of the transparent mandate relationship between the event organizer and the Hadra association, strict distributor of electronic tickets and related services.
Therefore, by purchasing a ticket or a service on Hadra's website, the buyer contracts with the organizer who will be solely responsible for the product or service sold and for the execution of the contract in this context.


The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to the present purchase of a ticket and/or related service.

The Hadra Association provides the Buyer with the General Terms and Conditions of Sale related to the purchase, i.e. those of the Hadra Association, those of the organizer, if any, and those of SeeTickets during the purchase of the ticket and/or the related service; these can also be requested directly from the Hadra Association by sending an e-mail to the following address: shop[@]

Under these conditions, the purchaser fully accepts the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale, those of SeeTickets and those of the organizer, if applicable, as soon as he/she finalizes his/her purchase.


The right of withdrawal from this purchase is defined in article 3 of the general conditions of SeeTickets.

The event for which the buyer purchases this ticket and/or service is organized by the organizer, identified at the beginning of the purchase process. As the organizer, he is solely responsible for the production and execution of the contract (access to the event and/or services).

The organizer remains solely responsible for the production and execution of the event according to the information provided on their website and other promotional documents (flyers, website, etc.).

As a transparent agent, the Hadra association does everything possible to verify the information given by the organizer to the buyers, without being held responsible for the delivery of erroneous information by the organizer under the terms of the description of the event or the attached service.

It is reminded that the organizer remains solely responsible for the information provided to Hadra when signing the contract between the organizer and Hadra.

In this respect, Hadra Association expressly refers the buyer to the Terms of Use and Sales defined by the organizer. As a general rule, and unless otherwise stated or in special cases, tickets are NOT refundable.


The value of the ticket or service is the price of access to the event and/or service purchased. This price is set unilaterally by the organizer.
Hadra cannot be held responsible for any price increases set by the organizer according to the sales period.

It is specified that additional fees or service charges may be added to the value of the ticket or service sold, their amounts being detailed during the purchase process before the final payment, which the buyer expressly acknowledges.
The VAT rates in force and according to the conditions of the event are applied by the organizer to the tickets and related services.


By the present general conditions of sale, the buyer recognizes that the organizer remains exclusively responsible for the good holding of the event and/or the attached services.
In case of cancellation or postponement of the event and/or the related service, the organizer will be solely responsible for any refund according to the conditions set out in its General Conditions or Special Conditions, if applicable.

In such a case, Hadra will immediately notify the buyer by e-mail.

The Buyer expressly acknowledges that Hadra is not liable in the event of cancellation or postponement by the organizer.
The consequences of any postponements or cancellations are specified in the organizer's general or special terms and conditions, if applicable.
The Hadra Association cannot be held responsible for the failure of the organizer to reimburse the buyer, if the organizer's general or special conditions so provide.

It is also specified that Hadra is not entitled to take the initiative of a refund without prior agreement of the organizer and without the provision to Hadra of the funds necessary for this refund.


The Hadra association declines any responsibility in case of material or physical damage suffered by the buyer during the event or the services proposed by the organizer.
The buyer acknowledges that the organizer remains exclusively responsible for the proper execution of the contract with regard to the buyer, his reception and his safety.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the European regulation in force to regulate the use of personal data collected, in order to protect the end user.
The information collected during the sale of the ticket is recorded in a computerized file for internal administrative use. It is kept for three years and is intended for the organizer.
The Hadra association is not responsible for the processing of data collected by SeeTickets or after having transmitted them to the organizer.
You can exercise your right of access to the data concerning you on your personal page of the administrative site and have them corrected by contacting SeeTickets or the organizer.
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