Aug. 1, 2022 - Aug. 7, 2022

Promoted by : Ozora Crew


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OZORA Festival 2020 is postponed from August 1 to 7, 2022
All tickets valid for the 2020 edition will be valid for the 2022 edition


Registration available until Sept. 14th, 2021

Registration payment from Sept. 1st to 14th, 2021

Regular presale tickets available from Sept. 15th, 2021 / Limited to 500 tickets per month

All payment in 2 installments: 80 € + costs (9 €) when ordering + 100 € on site (cash only)

At the gate: 220 EUR

Ticket Limit: 25 000 presale + 1500 at the gate.
No daily or weekend tickets are sold.

Due to Hungarian regulations for mass events, to purchase a ticket, you have to provide us with your name (as in passport), nationality, date of birth, gender, identification document issuing country (passport, ID card, driving license), and a recent photographic portrait.
PHOTO PORTRAIT is not a copy of your ID document. It is a photo of you (face recognizable, no sunglasses or hats, just like a photo needed for an ID document) that you upload, or you can take through the ticket app when purchasing a ticket.
If you are going to order from your PC then we suggest you do this in advance and upload the picture when purchasing.
Ozora organisation only accept PERSONALIZED tickets at the gate. This means that in order to get your wristband, the name on your ticket has to MATCH the name in your passport.


You can only transfer tickets UNTIL 20 JULY, 2021 midnight (24:00) CET.
To avoid fraud, if you wish to sell your ticket, fill in the official ticket transfer request form, and the Ozora team will assist you:
If you have nay question or need help, please contact .
You can only transfer a ticket ONCE.
You can only transfer a ticket by paying the cost differential between the actual phase ticket price and the purchase price, which sum is to be paid at the gates.

The holder of the voucher is entitled to receive one 2019 O.Z.O.R.A. festival wristband between July 20th and July 26th, 2020 at the gates of the event held during this time. In order to claim the festival wristband you will have to confirm your identity.
You can enter the venue only with the wristband you get at the gates. The wristband is personalized and non-transferable. Do not remove the wristband from where it was placed on you by the organizers during your participation in the event, wear it at all times! It is your responsibility to make sure that it remains intact and undamaged. Wristbands that have been removed, transferred, damaged or tampered with become INVALID: you cannot use them to enter or stay on festival territory. The wristband cannot be exchanged for money. By showing and/or wearing the wristband on the premises you accept the Terms and Conditions ( of the event, which you have understood and accepted before entering. In particular, you expressly consent to your appearance in video and/or audio recordings on site and accept that such recordings may be made public without your further permission. You also understand and accept that in case of a serious violation of the Terms and Conditions (e.g. causing harm to yourself and others, trafficking in illegal drugs or offering, advertising thereof, etc.), the organizers have the right to and will remove your wristband and will expel you from the premises.

OZORA Festival 2021 is organised and promoted by Ozora Crew.
As promoters, they are responsible for the production and execution of the festival.
Presale buyers understand that the promoter is solely responsible for the production of the event according to the information provided on the festival website and other promotion documents (flyer).
In case the promoter has to cancel or delay the festival, the promoters only are responsible for refunds according to their own terms.

Unlike most of the tickets available on our website, presale tickets for OZORA Festival are sold directly by the festival organization using their own SimplePay ticketing system, accessible from the Hadra Tickets website or the Ozora festival website. And over which Hadra has no control.

For any questions regarding your ticket or the organization of the event (location, programming, etc.), please contact the organizers directly at Ticket O.Z.O.R.A. Festival <> and give them as much information as possible.