Aug. 8, 2022 - Aug. 14, 2022

Promoted by : Festival Modem d.o.o.


MODEM Festival 2022

All tickets valid for the 2020 edition will be valid for the 2022 edition
Ticket holders can also request a refund directly from the organizers before may 31st, 2022 at Mo:Dem Refunds <>

For security and organizational reasons, NEW TICKETS will be sent directly by the festival organizers at the beginning of JUNE 2022 to ticket holders at the email address indicated during the ordering process

Mo:Dem festival is SOLD OUT. However, a limited number of tickets are still available for purchase. This number depends on the number of refunded tickets.
The resale of refunded tickets will take place online at 10:00 CET on June 8, 2022 directly on the festival website.

All the latest infos are avalable on and

Written mandate, letter or document to transfer personalised tickets will not be accepted.

Visitors must be aged 18 or over. All children must be accompanied by their parents.
Parents need to register children at
Children under 14 years of age are entitled to a free ticket.

All tickets purchased for the rescheduled 2020 and 2021 editions of the Mo:Dem Festival are automatically transferred to the Mo:Dem 2022 Festival.
For security and organizational reasons, new tickets for the Mo:Dem 2022 Festival will be issued in early June 2022.
The new tickets will be sent directly by the festival organizers to the ticket holders on the email provided during the purchase and registration process in early June 2022.
Contact directly only if you have not received your ticket by 11:59pm CET on June 7, 2022.
All tickets purchased for the rescheduled events of 2020/21 are ONLY valid for the Mo:Dem 2022 festival. After this event, the organizers will no longer allow tickets to be rescheduled for future events.

Momento Demento Festival 2022 is organised and promoted by Festival Modem d.o.o.
Festival Modem d.o.o. is responsible for the production and execution of the festival.
Through Hadra, they offered the possibility to obtain Purchase Confirmation for Modem Festival tickets. Purchase Confirmation buyers understand that the promoters are solely responsible for the production of the festival according to the information provided on the festival website and other promotion documents.

Hadra is not the promoter of the festival and therefore Hadra cannot be held responsible for the production and execution of the festival. Hadra is in charge of sending the totality of the money collected for presale payments to the promoter on a regular basis and/or at the promoter's request so the promoter can have access to the money collected from presale payments to cover production costs.
Hadra is also committed to confirming payment to the buyer by email.

Hadra cannot be held responsible in case of cancellation, delay or for any change in the festival production. In case the promoter has to cancel the festival, the promoter only is responsible for refunds according to his own terms of sales (see official festival website). In the event of the festival being canceled, Hadra will inform the buyer as soon as possible.

Buying your E-ticket from Hadra means you fully accept the above terms of sale.