Dj Oïkia
Dj Oïkia
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Oïkia made his first steps into music when he was a child as a guitarist and pianist at the Montpellier conservatory. After few years enjoying psytrance music, he’s starting to get involved into this scene in 2015, participating in the organization of parties in France, Psymind in particular, and having his first gigs as a DJ.

As a fervent activist, he started co-hosting one of the few French psytrance shows broadcast on FM radio : Trance Spotted on Radio Grenouille. On stage, Oikia continues to share his passion: his djsets, between full-on and psytrance, combining energy and harmony, never cease to surprise dancefloors. His investment in the psytrance scene will not fail to be noticed; he joined the Hadra Records in 2018, a promise of an adventure that has only just begun.

Previous gigs :

19/10/19 Chill and vibes : Luma @ Le Clapier (42)
31/08/19 Hadra Trance Festival 2019 (03)
17/07/19 - Sun Festival (Hungary)
08/06/19 - Psymind Origins Open Air (13)
20/04 / 19 - Reperkusound #14 @ Double Mixte (69)
09/03/19 - Exoria dub to trance @ Cabaret Aléatoire (13)
23/02/19 Impact Festival 2 @ Parc des Expos d'Avignon (84)
07/09/18 Hadra Trance Festival 2018 (03)
09/06/18 Psymind Origins Open Air (13)
30/04/18 Morocco Desert 2018
..:: 2019
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