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Your terms and conditions of use

1. Retailer identification

51 boulevard Gambetta - 38000 GRENOBLE

N° SIRET : 443 602 933 00030 – CODE APE 99001Z


2. Application of the terms and conditions

An order placed by the Customer implies they accept all the present terms and conditions.


3. Validity of our offers

The items displayed on the site are available until depletion of stocks. In the event of debit or payment of an order for an item which is unavailable, HADRA shall offer the Customer a credit note or refund within 15 days. HADRA shall send an e-mail to any Customer who has placed an order for an item which is unavailable.


4. Presentation of products.

All products for sale are described and presented as accurately as possible. However, HADRA cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions which may occur in this presentation. The photos supporting the product information are non-contractual.


5. Price of the products.

Prices are in EUROS (€) inclusive of VAT. The VAT amount is indicated when the Customer selects a product. We reserve the right to change prices if there is a change to the rate of VAT , these changes may be passed on in the price of the items without previously informing the customer. HADRA reserves the right to change its prices at any time but products are invoiced at the price applicable when the order is registered.


6. Order and Secure payment.


The client validates their order as noted above. This validation means you accept the present Terms and Conditions. The client interested by an article visible on the site WWW.HADRA.NET follows this process to place their order.
After having clicked on the icon « Confirm» and after having verified the characteristics of their order (color, amount, size, price, etc…), the client validates the choice of one or more selected products by a click. If the client benefits from a special offer, he/she should enter the code that was previously attributed to them in the space provided.
For their first order, the client has a form to fill out containing the following information : title, first name, surname, complete delivery address, email, date of birth, and telephone number. The client creates their password at this time. After having validated their payment method, the client validates definitively and irreversibly their order with the following consequences.

6.2: Payment default

HADRA reserves the right to refuse to carry out a delivery or to honor an order placed by a consumer that has not totally or partially paid a preceding order or with whom a payment dispute is being handled.

6.3: Payment Verifications.

HADRA controls all the orders that have been validated on the site. These controls aim to protect HADRA from abusive practices operated by a fraudster.
Our services might ask you to provide additional information to unblock your order : proof of housing or of a debit in your name, or proof of housing in the name of the person indicated for the delivery address, etc...
These requests will be made by email : For an order for which the delivery address is different to the billing address - For new clients or any customer that has never previously had their account verified - For orders placed outside of the EUROPEAN UNION - For orders placed with internationally issued bank cards.

7. Payment security.

In order to ensure secure payments, HADRA uses the secure payment service provided by PAYBOX and CREDIT COOPERATIF. This service utilizes the SSL security standard. Confidential data (16-digit bank card number as well as expiry date, Security code) are encrypted and sent directly to the bank server without passing through the physical HADRA.NET server.
When the order is validated: The payment request is routed in real-time to the secure remote payment manager. This asks for an authorization request from the bank card network. The remote payment manager issues an electronic certificate which is proof of the amount and the date of the transaction in compliance with stipulations of articles 1316 and following of the French civil code.

8. Sign up /Sign in.

All customers who have already made a purchase at HADRA.NET can choose a password which, for subsequent orders, means that they are not required to complete the required forms again. The Customer who has already subscribed is recognized on the site as being a customer at HEADICT.COM. The HADRA.NET customer's password is strictly confidential and personal. It must never be divulged to a third party. In the event the HADRA.NET customer has lost or has forgotten his/her password, he/she should contact HADRA.NET customer service at this address and a new password will be issued within 48 hours to replace the previous one.
In order to facilitate the identification of the Customer by provision of both the e-mail address and password, the Customer expressly authorizes HADRA.NET to place a "Cookie" on the customer's computer with the sole purpose of facilitating the above-mentioned identification.

9. Delivery

Delevery time might be variable following destination and means of transportation.

E-ticket :

Please note that we do not send hard copies of the tickets in the post.

Customers can edit and print them from (or carefully write down their number and barcode) to show them at the gate.
Please always refer to the particular terms of use for each festival tickets.
Some tickets are personnal and non-transferable. Some other are not.

Note : Upon paiment, you will receive an invoice and possibly a bank card receipt. Only your E-ticket will be accepted at the gate.

Any question regarding your presale ticket, please contact .
Tickets are non-refundable.

10. Money-Back guarantee.

All items purchased at HADRA.NET except E-tickets may be exchanged, free of charge, for another size or a refund.
The cooling off period, during which the customer can exchange the product or utilize their right of withdrawal, is 7 days from the date the item(s) are received. Items have to be sent back at your own cost at: ASSOCIATION HADRA, 17, rue des Arts et Métiers, 38000 Grenoble, FRANCE.

10. Processing consignments not delivered by our transport partner

Consignments returned by the transporter with the following remark: Undeliverable.
Once we have received and accepted your consignment, HADRA will contact the customer in order to send the order if the product is still available or to offer a refund if the customer prefers. HADRA reserves the right to offer a refund for the order and not to re-ship it in the event several Undeliverables have been identified.

11. Responsibility

For all stages, from access to the site, browsing, filling in forms, placing an order, delivering items or any other service, HADRA only has an obligation for due care. Therefore, HADRA cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience or damages arising from the use of the Internet and completely outside the diligence and precautions taken by HADRA. In particular, HADRA cannot be held responsible for any disruption in provision of the service, or any external intrusion or presence of a computer virus. Similarly, any event which qualifies as force majeure in the legal sense by the French Court of Appeals fully exonerates HADRA from all responsibility.

12. Intellectual property

All elements on the HADRA site, visual or audio, including the underlying technology, are protected by copyright, brand and patent law. They remain the exclusive property of HADRA using in particular framing, deep-linking, in-line linking or any other deep linking technology is strictly prohibited. In all events, any link, even authorized, must be removed when requested by HADRA

13. Personal data

HADRA, in the interest of the service, reserves the right to collect personal data about site users, in particular using "Cookies" as stipulated in article 8. In compliance with French law n°78-17 of January 6 1978, any user or customer of the site may, at any time, has rights to access, rectify and delete their personal data. All requests relative to this article must be sent by e-mail to this address .




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