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Les infos présentées sur cette page nous ont été transmises par nos contacts ou rassemblées à partir du web. En dehors des événements organisés par Hadra, elles n'engagent en rien Hadra concernant le bon déroulement et l'organisation des dits événements.
Avant de prendre la route, vérifiez toujours ces informations directement auprès des organisateurs (email, website, infoline...). Certaines infos ont pu changer (parfois à la dernière minute), certains organisateurs sont sérieux et malheureusement d'autres moins...
Bonne route et bonne teuf !
  13-06-2013 (5 nuits) Open air
The ppl who will make it Look&sound good:

Sound- Clearsound- Bulgaria.
Deco: T.B.A.

~Visuals by the Masters:~
El Geko.~
Funny Astronaut.~
IMIX Jaguar.~

~Food/clothing/accessory shops Plz sign up here: info@electreelife.com~


Early Birds:
60 Euro(150tl) Limited to 300 Tickets
(Non refundable and available online @ festival.electreelife.com/tickets/.)
Starts:October 2012.

Second Phase:
80 Euro(200tl)-Limited to 1700 tickets.
Starts:December 2012

~Third and Last phase:
100 Euro (250tl)
Start:February 2013

Presale ends on first of June!

Price at the door: 140 Euro (350tl)

weekend tickets:friday eve to sunday eve-75 euro. (180tl)
(Passport deposit required)

for those who cannot make it from the First days-Prices will drop by 25Euro from Saturday evening at 18:00:

Saturday -15.6: 115Euro (270tl)
Sunday -16.6 90Euro (210tl)
Monday - 17.6: 75Euro (175tl)
Tuesday -18.6.: 50 Euro (120tl) (From 08:00 Am)

we put a lot of soul and effort in this festival.
and we would like to keep as personal and intimate as possible!
there for -This event is Limited to 5000 Guests ONLY-

Big Tree hugs,
The crew.

More info:

Tree Of Life Festival is an international Psychedelic Music and Arts festival and will take place on a beautiful resort in Izmir,Turkey,
From the 13th -18th of June 2013!
Our mission - to create the perfect transformation into Peace, Unity and Global Respect!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Tree.Of.Life.Festival
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/treeoflife-festival-2012
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/TreeOfLifeFestival?feature=mhee
Organisation : Tree Of Life-Social network LTD. company Flyer
Infoline : /
Website : www.electreelife.com
Email : info@electreelife.com
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