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Les infos présentées sur cette page nous ont été transmises par nos contacts ou rassemblées à partir du web. En dehors des événements organisés par Hadra, elles n'engagent en rien Hadra concernant le bon déroulement et l'organisation des dits événements.
Avant de prendre la route, vérifiez toujours ces informations directement auprès des organisateurs (email, website, infoline...). Certaines infos ont pu changer (parfois à la dernière minute), certains organisateurs sont sérieux et malheureusement d'autres moins...
Bonne route et bonne teuf !
  20-07-2006 (4 nuits) Open air
Chapada das Mesas - MA
Shove (Alchemy Records) M?xico
Octavio (Sounds Of Earth) M?xico
Iguana (Parvati Recs) Alemanha
Anneli (Parvati Recs) Su?cia
Rodrigo CPU (Peak Records)
Pedr?o (Vagalume Records)
Ekanta (Vagalume Records)
Alok e Bhaskar (Universo Paralello)
Livia (Tribe/Carambola)
Gui (Hadra rec/nexus-media)
Akasha (Alchemy Records)
Cairy (Psycholand)
Thatha (Headroom Productions)
Henry T (Spectral Moom Records)
Sarto (Flip Out)
Psyred (Goadelic)
Sandrixx (Flip Out)
Piro (Desert Records)
Pirulla (Karuna)
Kali (Psy Groove)
Xam? (Universo Paralello)
Loghan (Butter Music)
Morus (Vertigo Records)
Marcel (E-Sense)
Diff (Equilibriohm)
Le Purinus (Fusiohm)
Vinnix (Cosmo-Genesis)

The Magical World of ?Carolina? invites all to participate in the ?Festival Out of Time?

After a lot of work and expectation, it is now time to begin living the ?out of time experience?. For many of us, the event is not limited to the four days in which we will be gathered in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, celebrating life, promoting art, and praising nature and its eternal values. To some, the change happens before, for the simple mental attitude of knowing that there are moments in our lives in which we may experience, even if for a short period, living in a community permeated by more pure and humanistic principles.

The festival will be the first one in the geological region of the ?Chapada das Mesas?, in the state of Maranh?o, in the Northeast of Brazil. More specifically, it will be held in the fluvial island of ?Ilha dos Botes?, just 300 meters away from the historic city of Carolina, also known as the Water Paradise. This small town demonstrates it?s grandeur by allowing the trance culture to vibrate, together with its majestic nature, in one rhythm, in one time, in the Festival Out of Time.

Taking place between the 20th and 24th of July, the event proposes the unification of nature and technology, beauty and Psychedelly in a well elaborated environment carefully integrated with the natural scenery. The event will bring, for those who dare, the opportunity to disconnect from the chaos of the daily life and plugging on to the magic and beauty that life has to offer. Dancing in a paradisiacal environment, bare feet absorbing the heat from the sand, diving in the crystal clear water of the impetuous Tocantins River, amazing oneself with the unending blue of the sky at daylight, and its hypnotizing glow at nightfall, feeling the harmony of the powerful vegetation surrounding the island...in short, being able to take the moment to transcend time and, guided by music, embark on a divine journey of contemplation, meditation and spiritual purification.

Much more than just a party, the Festival Out of Time carries the roots of the psychedelic movement, besides praising for ecological and cultural values, respect and love to everything and to all. It is our intent that the experience be of inspiration, mental enlightenment and energetic renewal; That we shall leave a little better than we arrived, taking with us the baggage of this utopic experience, so that we may plant that golden seed as we head back to the ?real world?.

So once again, we invite you to join us in our goal to sort out of our time and be evolved in a journey of music and enchantment, so that, for a moment at last, we may connect ourselves to the sublime at the Festival Out of Time.


Extinct from the planet around three hundred years ago, the Mayas formed one of the most extraordinaries pre-Colombian civilizations. Comparable in wisdom and mysticism to the historic Egyptians, these people astonish modern researchers with their scientific knowledge, art and conception of space and time. However, their main gift to mankind was the ?Tzolkin?, or Holy Calendar, based on the lunar cycles that form 13 months of 28 days each. This results in 52 weeks of 7 days, summing to the total of 364 days, therefore lacking one day to complete one year. The Mayas named this day the ?day out of time?, which was dedicated to art, harmony, peace and freedom....

Much more than a simple calendar, the use of the Tzolkin generates a greater concordance with the organic time, and thus connects one more deeply to nature and to the Cosmic Intelligence. Among other benefits, the use of the Mayan Calendar creates a more intimate relationship with one?s intuition and a greater perception of the synchronicity existing in the universe.

We chose the weekend nearest to the ?Day Out of Time? (which gave name to the party before it became a festival), with the same desire to celebrate life, human culture and all the pure and eternal values of the world


All the participants of the festival are invited to contribute with their artistic and therapeutic talent, making the entire environment a spontaneous cultural caldron and assuring the alchemy of ideas, knowledge and experiences. Some of the attractions that will participate in this exchange will be the so traditional Brazilian Folklore of the ?Bumba meu Boi? and the energetic ?Tambor de Crioula?. There will be representatives of the Mayan Calendar movement, also known as the Peace Movement, professionals of the ancient art of Yoga, native Indians with their artifacts, rituals and wisdom, professionals of massotherapy, artists of pirophagy and malabarism and, of course, great names of the national and international electronic music scenery.

Additionally, there will be various types of artwork demonstrations, debates, workshops and presentation of films, with themes such as astrology, meditation, cosmic integration, human relationship with nature, the ?safer? use of drugs... anyway, there will be no lack of attractions to make this event as much a party as a relevant and multi-faced cultural movement.

This program is subject to sudden alterations. In case you would life to contribute with your talent to our cultural agenda, please contact us by e-mail. Thank you!


The island of ?Ilha dos Botes? is located just a couple of miles from the city of Carolina, MA, in the northeast of Brazil. The small island lies in the center of the Tocantins River, with access by boat offered by the organization of the festival. The beach is beautiful, shallow, clean, with average winds blowing on the palm trees, innumerous types of birds and strong vegetation... A true paradise!

The ?Chapada das Mesas? National Park is located in a typical ?Cerrado? region (a Brazilian type of Savannah), and counts with specific natural attractions, such as magnificent waterfalls, chapadas (flat top mounts) and archeological sites. A recent research published by an international ONG points the ?Cerrado? as extremely rich and with bio-diversity losing only to the Atlantic Forest.

Carolina is picturesque little town, with all which is typical to a small city, yet with innumerous waterfalls and rivers with crystal clear waters. The city was able to conserve all its natural and cultural patrimony through its 147 years of existence; its colonial architecture archive and its more than 20 unpolluted rivers. It is exactly for the amount of water resources in the region that the city received the title of the ?Paradise of the Waters?.

The city of Aragua?na, in the state of Tocantins, is 90 km from Carolina, where the festival will be held. There are daily flights from capitals in Brazil to Aragua?na, and more than one daily bus from Aragua?na to Carolina.

There will also be buses and vans going from Palmas to Carolina and from Carolina to Palmas at various moments. Palmas is the capital city of the state of Tocantins, and is 450 km away from the festival.

There will be at least one flight from Bras?lia directly to Carolina. For more information on buses times or flight dates, contact the Cerrado Trip travel agency,at(61)3445-1515.

For information and pictures of Carolina and the Chapada das Mesas, including images of the two previous parties, check the following web-site:



There will be 1500 tickets for previous sale, divided in three lots:

- First Lot - R$ 75,00 ? up to June 10th.
- Second Lot - R$ 105,00 - from June 11th to July 5th.
- Third Lot - R$ 135,00 - de July 6th to July 19th.
- R$150,00 at the door. .


- Camping Area:
Opening Thursday, July 20th, at 12:00 (noon). Closing Monday, July 24th, 12:00 (noon).

- Main Dance Floor

Begins 12:00 h , Fryday, July 21st. Closes at 24:00, Sunday, July 23rd .

- Chill Out

Begins at 12:00 h, Thursday, July 20th. Closes at 07:00 h, Monday, July 24th.

Out of Time Tent

- Artistic and Cultural Activities
- Workshops
- Speeches
- Debates
- Film presentations
- Mayan Calendar Movement
- Yoga
- Massages

- Mix Fair, restaurants, bars and fast food.

- Security, First Aid, Life Guards 24hrs

- Showers and toilets
Organisation : Psycholand + flip out No Flyer
Infoline : 0055-61-3468-7280
Website : www.festivalforadotempo.art.br
Email : psicotrance@hotmail.com
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