The Festival Village
Space, time & matter: expansion in the service of harmony
Sunday Sept. 1st, 1mp to 3pm
The universe is expanding in space and time.
In this world of intense conditions where everything is movement, often chaotic, it is necessary to create bubbles of freedom, the melody of life.
At the crossroads of meditation, music and science, this workshop invites you to explore your cells and restore the feeling of the great outdoors.
Cosmyte's crew will keep as a common thread its experience as a traveller-musician, and we will reflect together on ways to make room within the limits, whether set by ourselves or by our environment.
The objective is that everyone finds interstices between the centre of the Earth and the particles of the cosmos, affects the body from boiling to caressing and stimulates humanity. A kind of soul yoga.
Livestyle and alternative constructions
Date and time : Ven. 30 août / 12h30 à 14h30
Speakers :
Ben Heloy: lives in a truck and builds truck facilities
2 people from the NDDL ZAD: group purchase project of NDDL via an endowment fund
Sat +1 shopkeeper: inhabitants of the self-managed farm of La Mhotte
Paco: Bamboo Crowd Association - bamboo construction and land purchase

Through this round table, several speakers will present their lifestyles and/or their alternative housing project.
We will talk about the Notre Dame des Landes ZAD and the group buyback of the entire area by a collective, via an endowment fund.
We will discuss life in a converted truck, from the idea to the concrete implementation.
We will exchange with the Ferme de la Mhotte (03), a self-managed project that includes an alternative school, a place to live and exchange, a shop and a place to create.
We will also meet Bamboo Crowd and their willingness to work on environmentally friendly and innovative constructions, with the use of bamboo.
All these people will tell us about their utopias, how they have been or are being realized, and how, despite the constraints of today's society, they are able to overcome them to live their ideals.
The development of local currencies
Date and time : Sat. Aug. 31 / 11h00 to 12h30

This year, we are hosting 3 local currencies from the Isère, Allier and Loire regions at the festival. These 3 actors of the social and solidarity economy will present their functioning as well as the problems they face in their development. The objective of this conference is to highlight the economic alternatives of our territories and to show the benefits of a parallel and circular economy in the revitalization of monetary exchanges.

Le Cairn
The Cairn is the local currency in circulation in the Grenoble area since autumn 2017. It promotes local and responsible economic exchanges on the territory. After two years of existence, the network has 220 professionals and 2000 private users. Since spring 2019, Cairn has had a dematerialized version of the local currency, the[e]-Cairn. It allows you to make transfers and payments by SMS, which makes exchanges easier and faster in the country.
Le Lien
After 2 years of circulating the LIEN in the Saint-Etienne basin, and in response to the climatic emergency, we have committed ourselves with other actors in Saint-Etienne to developing the resilience of the territory, in particular on the energy and food issues. We are thus working to develop a socially responsible and committed economy to install a system that is more respectful of nature and human beings. In this context, money is used to enhance this ecosystem of the Stephanese transition.
Le Soudicy
The association Le Soudicy is present in various events and forums. It organizes meetings and conferences to exchange and inform on citizen alternatives related to the global issues that concern us.This is why it is initiating the creation of the complementary and civic local currency, the Soudicy, for 2019. For this purpose, the association federates professionals and individuals who will use the currency, as well as volunteers who will take care of its management.

The Soudicy is one of the means that allows the transition to:

  • a balanced development of the Allier department, with a view to the well-being of the people who live there;
  • relationships of respect, trust and solidarity between citizens;
  • fair exchanges that recognize the work of each individual, the diversity of talents and know-how;
  • a new way of looking at the relationship between humans and life and nature.
The soudicy escapes financial speculation and favours the real economy. It stimulates the territory's economic activity by promoting the production of local goods and services.
Time approached from the perspective of science
Date and time : Sat. Aug. 31st / 15h00 to 17h00
Speaker : Aymen Abdelhamid
Let us take a moment to question the notion of time, before it escapes us.
What representations would you make of it if you were asked to define it?
The one that passes? The one who renews the present moment? The hands of a clock that move slowly minute after minute?
While its measurable aspect makes it universal, we also tend to associate it with a personal dimension. It seems to us to be more or less long.
What could be the definition of this common word, whose contours are sometimes limited by our vocabulary?
What notions does it cover, beyond the considerations rooted in our collective imagination?
If it can be better understood than by language, it is at the crossroads of several disciplines.
It is therefore according to a plural but more physics-oriented approach that Aymen Abdelhamid will present different aspects of time, finally unknown.
What does this famous "t" tell us in the equations of modern physics since Galileo and then Newton?
What about time according to Einstein and his theory of relativity?
One of the challenges of this conference will be to awaken our curiosity, to continue to question ourselves on a subject that is common to us all.
Ayurveda, the art of living according to its unique nature
Friday, August 30 10:30 am / 12:30 pm
Ayurveda, India's traditional medicine, offers a vision of the world based on the five elements: space, air, fire, water and earth. These combine to create the three doshas, the forms of cosmic intelligence that govern nature and thus the human being in all its dimensions. Understanding the function of vata, pitta, kapha in the body, mind and spirit, and how each person is unique according to their constitution, helps to adapt their lifestyle and diet for a radiant overall health.
Le dehors de tout chose
Friday 30 August 2 :30pm 3 :30pm
A show La Chambre Noire - Théâtre & Éditions La Volte
Text adapted from "LA ZONE DU DEHORS" (Alain Damasio, ed. La Volte, 2007)
Adaptation & interpretation: Benjamin Mayet

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of "La zone du dehors", a visionary novel that already promised us in 1999 the control society in which we live today, the need for openness and gathering is, if possible, even more important.
A poetic, political and philosophical text, "LE DEHORS DE TOUTE TOSE" is an ode to freedom, a solo conceived as an invitation to discover oneself "other than oneself".
The "outside" is a pocket of inner freedom for each of us; it is this vast field of possibilities blocked by centuries of conditioning. Speaking to herself as much as to the people around her, a figure mixed with the crowd fumbles to find these barriers that separate us from our true existence as a free man.
Its purpose? To try before our eyes, in a quest as intimate as it is infinite, "to invent what life can be".
Duration: 40 minutes
Debate on diversity in electronic music
Friday August 30th 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
The sequencer offers you a comfortable and benevolent space to allow you to come to debate, reflect, meditate on the issues of diversity in electronic music.
We want to explore these issues with you and associate you with a collective reflection!
Readings of texts, quotations, poems, sharing of various experiences, diffusion of music, will come to decorate this moment of exchange.
It will be just as possible for you to be a spectator, to come and listen in a corner and to take advantage of the proposed cultural ideas, than to participate actively in the debate.
Professional & amateur artists meetings
Friday, August 30 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
This workshop is for all young artists who want to understand the stages of the career of a professional artist. By bringing their experiences and their different looks, the artists present will approach their beginning, their entourage, the first contacts but also the galleys they had to face. A dive into the universe and the daily life of musical artists, video jockeys, decorator and photographer. With: Nibana, Lapsykay (aka Lakay), Hypnotik Peafowl, Hybrid Project, Twenty Cent Light and The Mad Studio.
Le harcèlement en milieu festif par le Planning Familial 63
Saturday, August 31, 12:30 - 14:00
The French Movement for Family Planning (MFPF) is an association and a popular education movement. Its purpose is to make information accessible to all
on issues of sexuality. He fights for the right of women: Contraception, pregnancy, abortion, and against rape, violence, incest ...
Led by two speakers from the Puy de Dôme family planning, this debate invites festival-goers to question harassment in a festive environment and to discuss existing or emerging solutions.
The psytrance community
Saturday, August 31 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Through various testimonies and perspectives, we will talk about the psytrance community. Its codes, its movements, its ways of interacting with the current society and its evolution through the last ten years. With: Fabrice Rackam, Marco Joannin (DNA music), Julien (TranceReport Community), Pierrot (festival-goer)
On the paths of a peasant agriculture
Sunday 1st September 11h00 - 13h00
"Round table around forms of soil cultures more respectful of our Earth.
Introduction to permaculture and biodynamics, feedback, how to (re) become a farmer and grow a small scale gardening, health and nutrients, but also understand our ecosystems, the influence of the stars, and balance energetically a biotope. "
This round table will host three speakers: one specialized in biodynamics and two in permaculture.
CINEMA AREA with La Bête Rousse
Since 2016, the association La Bête Rousse has been going through summer music festivals and setting up its tent-cinema to offer festival-goers the chance to discover short films of all kinds.
The aim is to give short films whose distribution is generally limited to film festivals a new visibility, allow them to meet a new audience and also offer festival-goers an activity parallel to concerts, their give the opportunity to discover original films.
Cinema projection times:
Friday: 17h to 19h // 20h to 22h
Saturday: 14h to 21h
Sunday: 01h to 03h // 11h to 13h