Presale tickets
Presale Tickets - 4 Days Pass
Single Rate : 120 €
Valid from Thursday, Aug. 29th, 2019, 2pm / Limited to 8000 people
With the desire to establish a non-competition system between you, we have decided to offer you a single sales phase with a single price : we will avoid any problem of server overload and you can take your pre-sale at your own pace without seeing the price of pre-sales increase against your will.
Everyone will be able to benefit from the same price throughout the sales period : we want the Hadra Trance Festival experience to be as pleasant as possible for each of you and it starts as soon as you acquire your precious sesame !
Support rate : 120+ €
Valid from Thursday, Aug. 29th, 2019, 2pm / Limited to 8000 people
The Hadra Trance Festival is 98.5% self-financed : we have less than 2% of public funding. The single rate allows us to achieve financial balance on all the expenses incurred to carry out the festival.
The support fee is a little more than the average fee to support Hadra's associative project and contribute to the development, as well as to the sustainability of the festival and the other activities we run in parallel: Trancemission workshops, Hadra Records and Hadra AlterVision Records labels, support for artists, development of psychedelic culture, etc.
By choosing this rate, you benefit from a membership in the HADRA association : an opportunity to actively contribute to the development of the association !
Presale Tickets - 3 Days Pass (Fri. Sat. & Sun.)
105 €
Valid from Friday, Aug. 30th, 2019, 4 pm
Presale Tickets - 2 Days Pass (Sat. & Sun.)
?? €
Valid from Saturday, Aug. 31st, 2019, 4 pm
Price and availability to be announced (if available) *
* The full capacity of the event, as aggreed with the autorities, being 8000 people, we wish to give priority to the people who want to take part of the festival during the 4 days. In the event of the festival not being sold out at the beggining of the summer, we will offer 3 days pass (Friday to Sunday) then 2 days pass (Saturday & Sunday).
Terms of use
Warning Event limite to 8 000 people

Warning All pass are valid until the end of the festival
Given the layout of the place and the relaxed atmosphere we want to give to the event, there is no systematic controls between the stages and the camp sites so it is not possible for us to check who should be leaving the location during the festival.

Warning Access to camp sites and car park
(including toilets and showers) is included free of charge with all pass.

WarningUnder 18 will be accepted at Hadra Trance Festival only if accompanied by their legal guardian.
Free for kids under 14

Warning No dog
In accordance with the reglementation, dogs are not allowed in the festival location.
People coming with a dog will kindly but firmly asked to leave the festival ground without delay with their animal, and could not claim any refund.

Warning No glass, No fire.
Glass bottle and any other glass contener are forbidden on the festival ground.
Fire is also not permitted.
Picto / NO DOG