HTF Guide
10 tips to enjoy the Hadra Trance Festival !
1. Come in shape
2. Do not forget your camping gear (lamps, sleeping bag ...)
3. Be curious about the world surrounding us.
4. Make a list of artists you don’t want to miss.
5. Remember to take some cash (all stands do not take credit cards)
6. Care for the environment.
7. Swimming in the lake is forbidden
8. Hydrate and eat well, this is important !
9. Take time to rest and take a walk to the Hadra village.
10. Take good care of yourself and others.

Can you exit and re-enter the festival ?
Each festivalgoer will be given a wristband upon first entry. This wristband will allow you to circulate freely in and out of the festival during the whole length of the event. Please keep your wristband on during your whole stay at the festival. Anyone not wearing any or found with a deteriorated, cut or altered wristband will be taken back to the exit of the festival by the security. The price valid at this period will be required in order to re-enter the festival.
If, despite its ruggedness, your wristband is accidentally damaged, come back to the entrance where it will be exchanged.
Can I bring my own food and drinks ?
Festivalgoers will be allowed to bring food and drinks for personal consumption only (glass bottles will not be allowed on site!!!).
Reselling food, alcohol or any other type of goods is strictly forbidden on site. Only the accredited stalls will be allowed.
Can I bring my dog to the festival ?
Entrance is indeed strictly forbidden to all domestic animals.
People coming with their dogs coming with their dogs will not be allowed on the festival location. Security teams will not let cars and vans with dogs onto the site.
Strictly no exceptions will be made. This rule applies to festival goers as well as organizers and volunteers !

Anyone coming to the festival with a dog (including volonteers and shop owners) will be asked to leave the festival with his animal.
No refund will be offered.
What can I drink and eat at Hadra Trance Festival ?
In addition to the food and drinks you are allowed to bring with you inside the festival, many stalls will offer an extensive variety of food : world cuisine, pizzas, crepes, vegetarian food... as well as hot drinks.
Two bars will provide cold drinks (water, soda, beer...).
At what time does the festival start ?
The festival will open to the public on Thursday Aug. 29th, 2019, 2 pm.
People willing to come earlier in the day will be given access to the campsite 2.
The music will start in tye evening.
The festival will stop on Sunday Sept. 1st, 2019 at the end of the afternoon. When possible, festival goers will be asked to leave the site.
Any case, festival goers will have to leave before monday at noon.
Where will the car parks be located ?
Car parks are located at the festival entrance, a 10 minutes walk to the stages.
Car parks will be separated in 2 areas : one for cars, one for vans, campers and sleep-in vehicules.
Tents are not allowed on the car parks, only in the campsite area.
Dogs are not allowed in the car parks.

Do I need to bring warm clothes ?
The event is taking place outdoor. Nights can be fresh in september.
It is highly advised to take some warm clothes for the night as well a tent and a good sleeping bag in order to rest comfortably.
Can I come only one night ?
But there is NO DAY-PASS. All pass are valid until the end of the festival. Saturday night pass will only be available if the festival is not sold out.
Will there be tickets available at the gate ?
The festival is limited to 8 000 people and there is a chance that tickets will NOT be availble at the gate, expecially saturday night.
So we strongly advice people to consider buying a presale ticket if you want to be sure to join the fun !
Any other question ?
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