HTF Guide
Hello everyone!
Before everything, thank you for your interest in Hadra Festival, it cannot be without the involvement and energies from his 500 volunteers!
Following the success of previous editions, Hadra Trance Festival is renewed once more at the lake of Vieure, in the heart of the Allier, in this beautiful green setting that has welcomed us since 2016.
Thanks to everyone who have been involve last year and make this wonderfull event posssible.
With the experiences that we got from the previous years we are now ready to prepare this 12th edition of HTF !
You have to know that you will maybe not be selected, there is a lot of applies and spaces in the team are limited.
You will receive an e-mail in the end of july, until this time be patient !
If you're afraid to not be selected and you really want to come to the festival it can be better to buy your pre-sale.
Then if you are selected to be volunteer you can ask to be reimburse.
Into the e-mail of the end of july you will receive a link to confirm your presence. You will have 10 days to confirm your presence, otherwise we will contact other people to come over to your place. So even if you're on the road all summer take time to check your e-mails !
We want to remind that minors cannot be volunteers and dogs will not be accepted in the festival ground.
That's all for the informations you need, more information will come in the next email.
Thank you to contact us if anything about your availabilities change.
If you have questions or if you need more informations you can contact
It will be a pleasure to meet you and see the new face of Hadra 2019 !!
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