At the door
Tickets will be available at the gate only if the festival is not sold out. To be sure to be able to be part of the festival, we strongly recommend to get a presale ticket.
At the gate - 4 Days Pass
Single price : 115 €
Valid from Thursday, Sept. 6th, 2018, 14h

At the gate - 3 Days Pass
Single price : 100€
Valid from Friday, Sept. 7th, 2018, 4 pm

At the gate - 2 Days Pass
Single price : 50 €
Valid from Saturday, Sept. 8th, 2018, 4 pm
* The full capacity of the event, as aggreed with the autorities, being 8000 people, we are not able to confirm that tickets will be available at the gate.
We strongly recommend to get a presale ticket if you want to be sure to be part of the festival.
Picto / NO DOG
Terms of use
Warning Event limite to 8 000 people

Warning All pass are valid until the end of the festival
Given the layout of the place and the relaxed atmosphere we want to give to the event, there is no systematic controls between the stages and the camp sites so it is not possible for us to check who should be leaving the location during the festival.

Warning Access to camp sites and car park
(including toilets and showers) is included free of charge with all pass.

Warning Under 18 are not allowed in the festival unless they can show a authorisation form filled and signed by one of their parent or legal tutor.
Download the form here or contact us at
Free for kids under 14 (with their parents and under their supervision).

Warning No dog
In accordance with the reglementation, dogs are not allowed in the festival location.
People coming with a dog will kindly but firmly asked to leave the festival ground without delay with their animal, and could not claim any refund.

Warning No glass, No fire.
Glass bottle and any other glass contener are forbidden on the festival ground.
Fire is also not permitted.