HTF Guide
Tshirts & CDs
T-Shirts and Tank Top
Hadra trance festival T-shirts and other goodies are available during the festival at the Hadra boutique !
Tshirt & Tanktop : 15 €
Sweatshirt : 35 €
Bag : 8 €
Double Compilation : 10 €

This new VA offers you exclusive productions by French and international artists, with new collaborations, and highlights the artistic diversity programmed on the festival.

On CD1, meet the Solaris Stage, the alternative stage of the festival, and discover world, ambient, downtempo or progressive techno music through this sound walk. You will find artists such as Deyosan, Smooth Criminal, Saadji, Pitchblast, Audioflow, Sleeping Forest or Meelk & Morning Maker, DJ Zen, Woobedub and Aora Paradox.

The CD2 is a flight towards the different styles featured on the "Temple Stage", the main stage of the festival: progressive, psygressive, dark-prog, psytrance, full-on...a rich mix of psychedelism that will give you a hectic foretaste of the electric atmosphere of handstage. You can discover on this second CD the following artists : Oddwave, Vicious Cactus, Airi, Alta, Dirty Saffi, Hashashin, Gumnut & Nibana, Animalien & Circus Bent, Itchy & Scratchy, Curious Details and D_Root.