THE SHIELS   Alt. stage / Concert
Family of musicians , anglo :irish, living in vieure,
Ewan and tracey have been playing music for 30 years, touring , in India, Japan, Korea, China and Europe..Their first group together was called The Sons of The desert and played all the major festivals eg: Paleo, transmusicales, Interceltique de Lorient,inrocktibles..tamaris, and many more..
They married and had Ruby maebelle Shiels ,who now plays with them she has toured in corsica, and india and played festivals with her parents since she was 14 years old..Now at 18 she has a virtuosity in stringed Mandolins, Guitar, Banjo, Ukekele.
The shiels play a diverse set of songs ans instrumenals, from original composirions to cover versions and trad.