CHILLED C   Alt. stage / Live Act
Electrik Dream / Portugal
Chilled C’Quence are the Portuguese duo Pedro Matias and Fernando Rodrigues (dj Fluxo and Psyjar). Both are connected to music and technology since the 90's.

In 2004 they brought to life Chilled C’Quence, a psyambient project mirrored as a melodic journey of electronic rhythms and crystal clear sounds, embebed with a positive and uplifting musical message.

Demonstrating a strong consistency in their live show, and have been releasing music on several known labels worldwide. Already invited to play three times for
BOOM FESTIVAL, Chilled C’Quence have also been @ SONICA (Italy), DREAM GATHERING (Ireland), AL ANDALLUZ (Spain), FREEDOM FESTIVAL, to mention some of their live incursions.

They have been playing in live band format since UTOPIA After Boom 2014, and had their biggest hilight last year at BOOM FESTIVAL 2016, were they performed the upcoming album “Channeling - 432hz”.