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Catalyst Records / Mexique
Jacques B (Dj Dende) was born in Mexico, raised in Europe and the United States, and currently resides in Mexico where he has been an active member of the Psytrance Scene since its beginnings. He is the manager of one of Mexico’s most important labels: Catalyst Records. He is also cofounder of Psyclon, creators of the Tierra Magica Festival and other important parties. Mixing for more than 10 years in Mexico, Europe, and Brazil alongside the biggest names in the business, he has developed a powerful style that has blasted many dancefloors. Characterized by a hammering drive, serious cuts, a powerful dynamic edge, and a “no-cheese” attitude in his selection, have made him one of Mexico’s most respected dj´s. He has compiled several albums and his most recent compilation “Splice n´ Dice” caused major waves in the international scene.

Dende is also a recognized Information Designer and co-founder of Pixtlan Media: Psikodelicious. As a designer, he has worked with some of the most important labels, crews, organizers and artists in the business. He also Vj´s a potent dose of eye-candy. He is also working on his midtempo whompadelic project called Infamous which will have several releases under Undergroove Music and Catalyst later this year.
Hadra Rec. / Grenoble
A travers ses différentes facettes, Driss recouvre à lui seul l’ensemble de l’univers de la trance : secrétaire de l’association Spiritual Frequencies, compositeur, DJ dans des festivals d’envergures internationales (l’Ozora en Hongrie, le Transahara au Maroc), fondateur de l’association Hadra…etc. Son attachement à la trance goa, n’est pas seulement professionnel, Driss s’identifie à ce style de musique car il y reconnait ses racines marocaines. En effet, les sonorités de cette musique aux accents tribals, en proie à la méditation spirituelle, lui rappellent celles qu’il a connu dans son enfance au Maroc, avec la tribu des Aissaouas.
Avec plus de dix ans d’expérience de la scène française et internationale trance, Driss sait comment hypnotiser la foule. C’est lors de ces DJ set qu’il nous montre son savoir-faire, à l’aide de sons psychédéliques et colorés, transcendants et puissants, il partage sans relâche avec son public, l’amour qu’il voue à cette musique.
Hadra Rec. / Die (Drôme - France)
DJ ELYXIR (29 ans)
C'est tout jeune, en 1995 que Simon découvre la trance goa avec des artistes comme Hallucinogen, Electric Universe ou encore Juno Reactor. Passionné par ce style musical, il collectionne les albums mythiques de l'époque. Ce n'est qu'en 2000 qu'il achète ses platines, se met à mixer puis très vite à composer. Il se lance alors dans des études en électro-acoustique et en synthèse sonore, achète de nombreuses machines dont plusieurs synthés et passe une grande partie de son temps libre à s'adonner à ce qu'il préfère: concevoir des sons.
Aujourd'hui, Simon continue de travailler sa technique du mix et s'est spécialisé dans l'utilisation d'FX, rajoutant ainsi à sa prestation une touche d'originalité et de spontanéité. Toujours à la recherche de l'élixir qui aura raison de tous les danceurs, il développe un concept de jeu nouveau, à mi-chemin entre le dj-set et la performance live, dans lequel il insère et triture des leads et des samples en direct.
Looney Moon rec, Peak rec / Italy
Roberto has dedicated his life for the past 6 years to psychedelic music, art and culture with the aim of spreading it all over the world together with its message of peace, unity and respect.
His experience includes being a dj for the Swiss psytrance and chill out label, Peak records, since 2006, as well as founding and managing the Italian record label and party organization,LOONEY MOON, since 2005.
LOONEY MOON record releases are focused on a powerful, full-on
psytrance genre with fresh underground sounds and top level production designed to get the dance floor grooving at any time of the day.
Collecting music and mixing since 1999, Roberto can play a range of psytrance from lighter to deeper, nighttime styles, but he's versatile in psy-dub/ambient/chill out, psy breaks and progressive trance as well.
In the last 6 years, Roberto played almost every weekend in Italy and all over Europe at parties and festivals (including ANTARIS, HADRA, SUMMER NEVER ENDS etc), in Brazil (UNIVERSO PARALLELO), US, India (GOA), Morocco, Russia and countless other stops.

HADRA RECORDS / Niel / Belgium
JimSon was born in 1980 in a place called Boom, raised by 2 parents who were (and still are) really into 60's music and psychedelic rock, so he's influenced by music from the day he was born and probably before.
Because he's surname is almost equal to Morrison it was quite obvious that his parents had to name him Jim.
He started playing when he was very young at birthday parties, weddings etc. and he built up a large music collection.
The first years his favourite style was rock, more specific, new-age 60's and psychedelica.
After a few years of playing, "house" music boomed in Belgium and he got more into electronic music, by then his favourite styles were euro-trance and hardcore, but when the hardcore evolved to terror, this style lost a lot of it's quality. So it became time to broaden his horizon.
In 1999, quite a long time ago, he accidentally found himself on a psytrance festival Dance-a-Delic in the Belgian Ardennes, where he was very impressed with the people, the atmosphere and especially the music, which he had never heard before. He fell in love with it immediately.
After this festival it took him a few years to build up a nice collection, because he didn't know where to find this extraordinary music or how to connect with people into this newly discovered adventure.
In 2006 he had to play on his first psytrance gig and he saw it worked out the way he wanted. A few months later JimSon became resident DJ for GanjaTree and played on a few of their events.
Because his girlfriend, whom he had just met, went to the Hadra Festival 2006 he got to know their music and way of working, he soon got in touch with the Hadra family. A bit later he decided he wanted to bring the Hadra spirit to Belgium, so Driss and he started planning an event in 2007. But because his girlfriend got pregnant, they decided to postpone it.
November 2009, the first Hadra party in Belgium became a fact, and it really was a success, the music and atmosphere overwhelmed the Belgian partygoers, so we have to carry on bringing this vibe to Belgium.
The biggest honour in his psytrance career was the Hadra guys asking him to join their DJ team!
He will spoil your mind, ears and consciousness with the finest selection of tracks, you can expect a mind-blowing psychedelic adventure inspired by Hadra craziness !
Hadra Records / France
Kokmok discovered the world of techno parties in 1995. Very soon, this peculiar atmosphere carried him away. He scoured the South of France in search of various styles of music. Yet trance remains the closest style to his desire. In 2000, passion got the upper hand and after the Boom festival, he decided to learn how to mix trance tracks.

In 2002, he took up a residency at Two Up cafe... Quite taken with it in 2003, he started with partners as motivated as he is, a non-profit-making association Transubtil. They work in partnership with several venues in Marseille such as le Balthazar or le Poulpason. His association schedules small parties or gigs where each set emphasizes a trance style thanks to a dj. He invited artists such as L'Elf, Driss, Ninja, Neuromotor, Amrit, Miss Tick, Bedouin...Its purpose is to promote and enrich trance culture in the South of France regarding music and arts.

In 2006, he joined the team of the dj' s Hadra and has in load Trance progressive part of French label. Experiment which has to him, he be able mixer and to make known itself, near the Marseille's public initially, then on a national scale (Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Grenoble, Montpellier...), and even international (Italy, Spain, England, Thailand & Germany...).

From his techno and house music influences, he retains the dynamic and groovy side, building his set like a long and methodical disturbance of sounds and senses through a wide range of trance tunes.
Its Trance Progressive mixes is groovy and powerful, without losing the melody side of this music.
World People / France
Little Pumpkin découvre la musique électronique à ses débuts en 1992, avec Laurent Garnier, lors des mythiques soirées « Wake Up » au Rex club. Elle arrive dans le milieu plus underground des raves parties en 1994...Elle accroche très vite sur ce qui deviendra plus qu’une simple musique, car quelques années après elle commence à mixer.

C'est lors de son 1er booking, en Octobre 1999, que beaucoup de choses se déclenchent. Repérée par Miss Etta, fondatrice de l'organisation des Tiny Teck, tout commence alors pour elle : bookings, rencontres, un début de parcours prometteur qui l'amènera auprès des Tiny Teck, où elle deviendra l'une des djanes résidentes.

Dès son arrivée dans cette tribe en 2001, Little Pumpkin n’aura de cesse de confirmer au fil des années, son talent et sa place sur la scène Trance. Car après des années de mix, sa route la pousse inévitablement vers la composition…Elle travaillera en collaboration avec Triskell et Noisy Pipes…

Grâce à cette notoriété et reconnaissance du public d’une part, mais tout autant de la gente masculine artistique, le charisme de Little Pumpkin confirme la place d’une femme dans la Trance en France. Et c’est surtout grâce à tout ce travail fourni, sa technique mêlée à cette énergie particulière qui se dégage de ces sets, que Little Pumpkin reste l’une des djanes incontestées de la scène française.

A ce jour, Little Pumpkin fait partie de l’organisation française « World People » et travaille sur son projet personnel…To be continued…

TIP Records / London, England
Lucas is delighted to be performing at the Hadra Festival for the first time this year. He has been manically busy touring the far-flung reaches of the globe having already played so far this year in UK, Finland, Germany, India, Japan, Isreal, Mexico, Portugal and Serbia.
In the last five years, Lucas has become more involved in producing music with two highly revered psytrance album releases on TIP Records ('God Save The Machine' and 'Tales Of Heads').
This year Lucas has been working on his solo project, a remix with Avalon of Tranan's 'Roadrunner' and his new techno project with Merv Pepler of Eat Static called 'Major Clanger'.
Hadra Rec. / France
Manu, bercé très jeune par la musique reggae, dub & ragga, s'intéresse aux sons électroniques vers la fin des années 90's. La Psytrance et le mouvement venu de Goa l’attirent indéniablement. Il s’est d’abord investi dans l’organisation d’évènements avec l’association grenobloise Hadra. Des 2005 il est le régisseur technique des soirées tels que Digital illusion, Altitude ou le Hadra Trance Festival.
La rencontre avec David aka dj Leptit et la découverte d'artistes comme GOW, Jahbo, Ajja ou Evp, lui permettent aux fils des années, d’affiner ses goûts musicaux.
C'est tout naturellement qu’il apprend à mixer un style résolument dark psychedelic ! Il rejoint l’équipe des dj’s du label Hadra Records en 2008. Grâce à une excellente technique, ces djset explosifs sont d’une efficacité redoutable !!
Psynaps / Powow / Lyon
Metronohm découvre l'univers de la musique électronique en 2005. Commencant par la deep house et la minimale, il est amené par le fruit des rencontres ainsi que des événements electro de la région lyonnaise à découvrir l'univers de la psytrance deux années plus tard.
Grâce à Hadra et aux autres association implantées en Rhône alpes, il découvre
cet univers unique, créatif et jovial.
Il découvre la progressive, alliage intelligent et subtil du meilleur de la trance, de la house et de la minimale, c'est un véritable coup de foudre...
Il décide de commencer a mixer un petit peu sur CD, et effectue sa première date a Bourg en Bresse avec Hadra.
Les dates s'enchaînent dans la région et il rejoint en 2010 le collectif Psynaps comme Dj.
Son style reste définitivement techno, massif et mélodique et espère bien en faire danser plus d'un pour ce Hadra 2011 !
Blue Tunes Records / Germany
The nineties drew to a close when a new style evolved from the original Psy Trance scene:
Rather dry, reduced tunes, characterized by percussion sounds, single sound effects,
melodies and a straight line but still very strong and driving appeared to be kind of
“Psychedelic for grownups”. Progressive Trance was born. Just around this moment brothers
Sirko und Stefan Wötanowski from North Germany started DJing, focusing on this new style
that soon experienced a gorgeous blossom. But this was actually just the beginning of their
very strong commitment to the scene. In 1999 they organized their first “Tshitraka” party in a
club, which became a very frisky evening with around 500 people attending. Already one
year later Tshitraka had turned to an open air festival with a four-digit number of visitors.

During the following years this event became internationally renowned as the festival for
Progressive Trance, featuring fantastic lineups from year to year and becoming one of the
classical Trance festivals in the European outdoor season. Already now Montagu and Golkonda
had a major influence on the German Progressive scene which also led to an ever growing
number of bookings to international destinations. But still there was energy and passion left
for their very own interpretation of modern Progressive music, so they started producing their
own stuff under the moniker Symphonix. Fed from heaps of DJ experiences on world wide
dance floors, also this project became rapidly very successful. Already being international
DJs and producers as well as promoters now, Montagu and Golkonda found it to be kind of
decent to start an own label, too. So since 2006 Blue Tunes Records delivers frequently
sophisticated, always up-to-date Progressive Trance. And just to have this list complete,
the two brothers run another club music influenced project named True Lies and are involved
in various other acts as well.

As this short outline reveals, there are few persons being that diversely involved into the
Progressive Trance scene since its very early days like Montagu and Golkonda are.
Their lifestyle is high-class Trance music and quite everything that has to do with it for
breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their vast experience with the music and the scene and their
numerous journeys around the world have a major influence on their DJ sets which can
be described as up-to-date Progressive Trance with a sometimes housey or electroid
edge, depending on the time and atmosphere on a dance floor.
StereOrganic / Paris France
Inspired from an early age through music, Remy Otezuka began as a radio dj.

Meanwhile, he distills the various styles of electronic music in various bars and clubs ... It was in London that he discovered the music that inspires him, since 1999 "Progressive Trance" and Remy made his mark in the underground scene.

Back in France since 2005, he started an organization, in creating the collective StereOrganic. It organizes organic dance events and invites various local and international artists from Techno, Electro Minimal, Progressive Trance and Psytrance community.

The Otezuka style varies on the crowd and time of passage between fat groovy prog trance and progressive house. Let yourself be carried by its galloping ...

Izzy Dudley
Mpdqx / Sweden
On the Swedish underground electronic music scene since the beginning of the 90s, Peter has been through the lot. At first going to all the parties the region had to offer at the time and Copenhagen being just a quick boat ride away meant quite an offering and it was in this context that he met with like-minded people and together they decided to start making parties themselves. Over the next 6 years a wide variety of events were made, many of them to be considered as classis events.

In 2000 he started Mpdqx Label Group with Marcus & Sebastian (today well known for their Son Kite and Minilogue monikers) as the idea of a label of their own had been growing since Son Kite started making music. At first it was the labels Digital Structures and Baluns records but before the story ended in 2004, there was a third label, Vsual recordings, Mpdqx Publishing and Mpdqx Booking. All these operations quite understandably held the 3 guys in the office 24 / 7 and so at a point it became a choice of label work or studio work for Son Kite which then led Peter to take on and run Digital Structures and Mpdqx Booking by himself, which he today still does with great success.
While Peterʼs passion for music had never brought him to interest in taking the decks during all the years of promoting parties, the new era with running the label definitly did so. Add a most peculiar circumstance that got him his first gig and you have the beginning of a dj career thatʼs now in itʼs 8th year of world wide travelling as the label dj for Digital Structures. With and never ending thrive to find new music and mix styles into his own interpretation of what a dancefloor trance experience is, the passion has paid off and not only has he played all the important festivals, parties and clubs in every country imaginable but he is over and over invited to come back.

Still today with his feet deeply buried in the origins of his career, Peter has been working as a stage manager on several big festivals over the years and is also on the team for the yearly Ozora Festival in Hungary. Add to this that he loves to dance and you will very probably as often as behind the decks, find him in on the dancefloor where he is making sure to keep his passion alive!!
Nano Records / South Africa
Nano Record's label boss, dj and the driving force behind Nano Records, Regan is a passionate music lover who has helped launch some of the most in demand acts currently on the global Psy-Trance scene. His ear for talent and the best tunes aside, Regan has been rocking dancefloors with his own fresh approach to dancefloor mayhem for well over a decade. Writing and performing various styles of music since his early teens, Regan is a music addict, with a passion to expose people to new sounds at every possible opportunity.

As the primary owner and label manager of NANO he is constantly hunting down new and exciting sounds for release on the label and is known for his non-stop promotion of electronic music and sub-culture. Having played at some of the best parties across the planet he has an amazing feel for the dancefloor and is regularly winning new fans with his precise sets. No stranger to the studio either, he is also half of Hydrophonic and is currently busy with solo and collaborative tracks, along with compiling albums for NANO.

Regan is also a dynamic event promoter and plays a major role in some of Cape Town's biggest trance events, including Earthdance Cape Town and Origin festival.
Bom Shanka Music / London, UK
Co-founder of BSM DJ S.T.U. compiled Bom Shanka Music's first compilation, "The Solution" as well as collaborating with Mexican producer, Tron, for a track on that comp. In 201 he released his second compilation "Careful Round Us"

For the past 15 years he has spent his time living in London or Goa, depending on the time of year.

It was in Goa in 1993 that he first discovered trance at the legendary New Year and Christmas parties at Goa's "bamboo forest" party venue.

With his hard but happy night time style he first started to play at small parties in Goa as well as regular sets at "The Nine Bar."

Currently working on a new compilation for release in 2011 he continues ripping up dance floors around the world.
Omniphonie association / Lyon
Romain aka DJ Shaka was born in 1978 in Lyon, France.

Music was part of his life since childhood. He learned to play Saxophone at the age of 10, but he had quickly decided to continue with rythm and drums.

From the age of 20, he was addicted to various kind of electronic musics. He was immediately impressed by groove that you can feel in DJ SET performance. He decided with Omniphonie (french association) to organize in 2000 few electronic parties.

In 2005, he discovered the power and vibes of psytrance in a friend’s private party. He got infected straight away by the psytrance virus. Actually, he still organizes with Omniphonie trance party events in France.

He likes giving vibes pleasure with twilight full power tracks. His powerful mix brings a groovy atmosphere on the dancefloor and allows a high share of musical feeling with people. He is very keen on large psytrance style with artists as Painkiller, Ital, Ianuaria, Quantize, Ritmo, Ajja and many others.

He lastly played with international DJs like Suria (PT), Drumatik or Braincell (CH), Fungus Funk (Russia) and french artists from World People association and Hadra labels.
Neutronyx / Life Festival / Ireland
quee vs Zefer is a Dublin based act from Neutronyx, the organization of LIFE FESTIVAL and aprox 10 events per year in Ireland with various styles of music - but mainly Psychedelic / Minimal and DnB.

Fernando and Pedro are two of Neutronyx resident Dj's, Promoters and Party Organizers. As Squee and Zefer they are also the two main representatives of Life Festival abroad and ambassadors of many other festivals across Europe. They have traveled to many of the biggest festivals in Europe, shaping their sound everytime into something different, including unreleased promos from their own production and other LIFE FESTIVAL artists into their sets.

They have been playing together for aprox 5 years now and their sets never fail to surprise the dancefloor with a groovy bouncy - sometimes dark - fullon / psychedelic music, the energy that flows from the decks and synth is just something that you have to experience first hand! Touch and feel the music! Hope you enjoy it and feel in tune with the VIBE of this act!

More information, music, projects and details from Neutronyx available at http://www.soundcloud.com/neutronyx

Youtube videos
Electrik Dream / France
Tajmahal began his music career in the Factory club 1992, Lyon, and as co-manager of the Kobdo,one of the first techno clubs in Lyon. In 1995, he became a label DJ with the legendary TRANSPACT, and as co- writer with ASIA 2001 .

Nowadays Taj splits his time between chill out and Progressive Morning Trance projects for Ultimae and More psychedelik/full on trance projects for Vaporvent.
He is label dj for both labels and also became label manager for Electrik dream in 2005. His first release "Butterfly ritual" on Electrik Dream was on his compilation Cosmik Chill "Red" March 2006. In 2007 he released "Star Circus", his first album for Electrik Dream.

Currently, he is Working on a chill out project "UASCA" in collaboration with Dj Fluxo (Quest4Goa-Portugal). They will release the first UASCA album in late 2010. UASCA is a tribal ambient/ downtempo project, including spiritual chants from Peruvian Ayahuasca priests which were acquired by Tajmahal when he visited them in October 2008. Following the step of Jan Kounen who directed “Other Worlds” documentary expedition with Indians Shipibo from Amazonia.

Tajmahal's style of composition can be seen as a bridge between trance and downtempo rythms. His style is fluid and deep in meaning: his music tells the story of his feelings.

When dj-ing, he combines his spotless technical skills with a broad, eclectic musical knowledge and an immense creativity: he is famous for "telling a story" and taking the crowds every step of the way towards enlightment. This path can encompass different music styles Downtempo- Ambient-Electro- Progressiv, Full on,Psychedelic trance - within the same DJ set: Taj knowns no boundaries in between styles and tempos.

Tajmahal a démarré sa carrière au club Factory en 1992 à Lyon et il fut un des managers du Kobdo, l'un des premiers clubs techno à Lyon. En 1995, il est devenu DJ du légendaire label TRANSPACT, et co-compositeur pour le groupe ASIA 2001.

De nos jours, Taj divise son temps entre le Chill out et la Progressive. Des projets Ambient / Morning Trance pour le label Ultimae et des projets plus Psychedelique /Full on Trance pour Vaporvent.
Il est DJ résident pour ces deux labels et est aussi devenu le manager du label Electrik Dream en 2005.
Son premier morceau "Butterfly Ritual" sur le label Electrik Dream était sur la compilation Cosmik Chill "Red" sorti en Mars 2006.
En 2007 il a sorti "Star Circus", son premier album pour Electrik Dream.

En ce moment, il travail sur un projet Chill out -Downtempo "UASCA" en collaboration avec Dj Fluxo (Quest4goa-Portugal).
Ils sortiront ce premier album "Rigth Here Rigth Now" à la fin de l'année 2011.
UASCA est un projet Tribal Ambient/Downtempo, comprenant des chants spirituels de ceremonie d'Ayahuasca chantez par des schaman Péruvien, qui ont été acquis par Tajmahal lorsqu'il les a rencontré en Octobre 2008.
Suivant les pas de Jan Kounen, qui a dirigé le documentaire “Other Worlds” qui retrace l'expédition d' Indiens Shipibo d'Amazonie.

Le style musical de Tajmahal peut-être vu comme un pont entre la trance et les rythmes downtempo.
Son style est fluide et profond dans sa signification : sa musique raconte l'histoire de ses sentiments.
Lorqu'il mixe, il mélange sa technique sans faille avec sa connaissance ecletique et une immense créativité: il est reconnu pour « raconter une histoire » et prendre une foule à chaque étape vers l'illumination.
Ce chemin peut prendre plusieurs styles de « musique » du Downtempo-Ambient-Electro-Progressive, a la Fullon, Psychedelic Trance – avec le même DJset : Taj ne connait aucune frontiere entre les styles et les tempos.
Hadra Rec. / France
Sangohan est natif du Sud de la France, berceau français des manifestations Techno, à l’origine de sa passion. Une recherche musicale tournée déjà à l’âge de 14 ans vers les sons électroniques et l’expérimentation, qu’inspirent Jean-Michel Jarre, Kitaro, Front 242.
En 1989, l’arrivée de la House Music, Acid Music et New Beat, lui ouvre une brèche, la Techno en tant que véritable courant musical.
L’année 1993 est une année déterminante puisqu’il fait l’acquisition de deux platines vinyls et se lance alors dans un apprentissage passionné et forcené.
En 1995, Chekk List, nom initial de Sangohan, arrive sur la scène Techno pour la première fois à St Etienne, son nouveau lieu de résidence. Il participe à de nombreuses partys où il affine encore son style, sa connaissance musicale et sa pratique du vinyls, pour parvenir en 1998, à une très bonne technique de mixe et à un style très personnel.
Exploration et perfectionnement rythment sa progression et son évolution.
L’année 2000 représente un véritable tournant et marque une ouverture sur de nouveaux horizons. Sangohan devient Papa, une nouvelle passion voit le jour. Il se tourne alors vers un son trance en accord avec des aspirations musicales et humaines différentes. La découverte de Chai Di, Juno Reactor, Astral Projection influence et teinte son Univers Musical toujours en expansion. Continuité et rupture caractérise cette année 2000 : continuité car la Techno reste fondatrice d’une passion électronique mais une rupture s’opère et annonce le départ de Chekk List et l’arrivée déjà prometteuse de Sangohan.
En 2003, Sangohan fonde et devient Président de l’Association Transplosion dont l’objectif est le booking, l’organisation de party et la promotion du mouvement trance. Il affirme sa volonté, déjà avérée, de composer un son qui lui sera propre.
En 2003, Sangohan devient Dj chez Free Spirit, Label anglais www.free-spiritrecords.com et chez Avigmatic Record, Label français www.avigmatic.com.
Sa technique d’orfèvre se fait connaître au Portugal, en Suisse, en Angleterre et dans de nombreuses parties en France.
C’est en 2009 qu’il intègre l équipe Hadra afin de continuer à participer activement au développement de la Trance en France et à l étranger, et de s’investir pour l’association.
2010:Sangohan monte son nouveau projet prog sous le nom de TILT un son morning et hypnotique qu il jouera dans le sud de la France et en Rhone Alpes.C est au festival Hadra qu il pourra exprimer son nouveau concept prog.
Hadra / Voreppe, France
Passionné de musique électronique, Yann débute le mix fin 90’s avec un mélange hard-tech et trance. Les sonorités incroyables du style Rastaliens, Pleiadians, Logic- Bomb, TIP… le font plonger dans le délire psychédélique de la trance.
Il découvre en 1999/2000 les parties organisées en Afrique du Sud par Vortex (South Africa 2000) et Alien Safari. Sur la plage ou dans des endroits insolites la magie opère...
Il rencontre à son retour l’équipe de Spiritual Freequencies, et noue d’amitié avec un joyeux groupe impliqué dans le mouvement. Membre fondateur de Hadra en 2001 à Grenoble, il est depuis bénévole et membre actif de l’association.
Son univers musical déborde de sons psychés et laisse place à l’agitation. Il s’inspire des ambiances full-power et colorées où le dance-floor provoque l’imagination et déclenche l’improvisation.
Doof Rec. / Israel
Zirkin started his music career simply by going to techno & trance parties. He was attracted to the music and its vibe and started playing psychedelic underground sets, as he was traveling around the word. In 1998 Zirkin started to produce his own dark and mysterious music, and had tracks released in various labels. Living in Amsterdam for a while, he was part of the party scene there, and it was there where he met with Troy, and BONKY (Onno Borgen, RIP). Those two guys were already making music from the early nineties, and with great fun and friendship the three of them started making psychedelia together. Today, Zirkin is one of the dark lords of trance. Together with UV he runs Doof Records, keeping his underground musical flow.
Hadra 2011 - Graphix : Dende - Kode : Tris